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Please read – New additions to terms and conditions

Hi everybody, it has been a fun six months and I must say, the interest in our bikes has been very encouraging and surprising! Thanks all for your support :)

We are still learning and trying to work out processes that are reasonable for both us and our customers. In the course of our business, we have come across certain things which have been quite unfortunate, which we now feel we must address with a few new rules.

Here are the two new rules. I hope you guys understand and help us make this a more pleasant and fun exchange!

1. Only cash will be accepted. We’ve had a few instances of people saying they have transferred but the money never came through, so it has been quite frustrating. Bank transfer will only be accepted if it is the full sum before collection, not after.

2. Once the bike is collected and the payment (of either the deposit or the full sum) is made, the rental is final. There will be no repayment of money should you wish to return the bike early, regardless of reason, i.e. the deposit or the full sum will be forfeited. This is because we do take time off to clean the bike, pump the tyres, and prepare it for you. We also schedule time to handover the bikes, so a lot of time is wasted when bikes are returned prematurely.

I hope you guys understand where we are coming from! Don’t worry, we are pretty easy to work with and flexible, so talk to us if you have any concerns!

For those interested in renting, do read our terms and conditions!

Transport is now available!

We are now offering transport services! We realised that some of you have difficulty collecting or returning our bikes (yes, we know it’s a pain!), so we decided to work with another company to provide this for you. If you need this service, a round trip costs $100.

Just to put things in perspective, a 7-seater maxi cab costs about $60, one way.

Of course, we would love for you to use your own mode of transport if you can! Use a bike rack, a van, lorry or truck – whatever you wish! Furthermore, the green bike’s front wheel is detachable, so it can fit into a car’s backseat.

It’s all about making it easier for you, our customers, to achieve the beautiful event you’ve always dreamed about. :)

Watch this space

We are in the midst of preparing for our official launch in January (nothing fancy, it’s a humble business afterall). But look out for a launch promotion!

And we need your help to spread the word! Let your friends know about this service – who knows it may be just what they have been looking for.

We say thanks in advance!

(P.S: Don’t forget to read “What You Should Know” under the tab How To Rent!)

And we are up!

Hello! Do you want to rent a fun, vintage bike to jazz up your wedding shoot? How about having one displayed at your birthday party? Or filming your very own music video paddling free in a sundress (or suspenders)?

We have just the bikes for you. We promise the bikes will add a spontaneous, romantic, whimsical feel to your special occasion.

Check out our “About Us” page as well as  “What You Should Know”, under the tab ‘How To Rent!”, to figure out how! We also have a gallery of photos to let you get a better look of the rides, as well as an FAQ section.

We are still a young site waffling our way through, so feel free to leave us suggestions on how to improve our site or our service.

We promise our prices are reasonable!