Do you feel the magic in the air

We adore Christmas. There’s just something magical in the air, isn’t it? The fairy lights, the Christmas cheer, the wintry chill lifting the strands of your hair, Christmas trees at every step, the honey-baked ham and red wine at house parties, whimsical carols… it’s the best season of the year.

Even the rain, pouring in sheets right now, can’t stop this feeling of tranquility.

Now this is what we’d love to do to our bikes –

*Picture from

Maybe next year?

Or you could do it, if you rent our wheels :)

Until then, Merry Christmas to everyone, we wish you every happiness!

Add a bike to your shoot for a touch of charm

I’ve always had an obsession with lower body shots, back views, top down and wide faraway shots –  basically anything that doesn’t show the frontal face. It just seems more quaint and nostalgic, more tender and melancholic.

Of course, it only helps if your thighs are stick thin (mine are noticeably not).

When you add bikes to the foray, it manages to add an even greater touch of enchanting charm, transforming your shoot into something ten times more romantic.

Now these photos below, they are a work of art. Don’t they just make you go “Awwww”?


*Photo from


*Photo from


*Photo from

We are pretty sure you can emulate these, or better yet, unleash your own creativity to create your own spectacular shots. Rent our bikes (see below) to do that now :)


Camera ready, always!

This white dutch sits prettily everywhere, whether it is on gravel –


or on grass –


Don’t you think?

Say “I do”, with a bicycle

Check out this lovely blog post from an American cyclist-blogger about Weddings and Bicycles –

To quote her:

“Increasingly, bicycles and weddings are becoming an iconic combination – seen on wedding photographer and bicycle manufacturer websites alike.

What is it about weddings and bicycles? There is, of course, the ever-popular Daisy Bell song, which keeps the association alive. Plus, the start of “cycling season” corresponds with the start of “wedding season.” And while I put these in quotation marks, because both getting married and riding a bicycle are things that can be done year-round, any wedding photographer and bicycle shop owner will tell you that they get most of their business in April through October.

Spring symbolises renewal, optimism, and a fresh start – which is appealing to cyclists and newlyweds alike.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

While you’re at it, check out her post on His and Hers bikes as well –

Seriously, how can you say no to this? –

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