What You Should Know (T&Cs)

Here comes the all important terms & conditions (T&Cs). Please read through them before you commit to renting!

  1. To rent, simply contact us via e-mail and let us know  your a) Full Name b) IC number c) Telephone d) Which bike you want e) Date and time of bike collection and f) Estimated number of hours (i.e. date and time of return).
  2. We trust you, but we still have to protect ourselves! So as mentioned in the Price section, if you wish to rent the bike, we’ll need a S$150 deposit in cash on collection (along with the full rental sum). The deposit will be wired or handed back to you on the same day of return.
  3. Once the bike is collected and payment is made, the rental is final. There will be no repayment of money should you wish to return the bike early, regardless of reason.
  4. Please give us at least five days of notice when you want to rent the bikes. We are working full-time, and need time to prepare the bikes so they can look pretty for you! We also need time to rearrange our schedule to pass them on to you :)
  5. Should you need to cancel/postpone, please give us at least one day of notice.
  6. Please do check the condition of the bikes before you take them away. Test them, circle around the area, adjust the height etc. Make sure you are fully satisfied before you rent them. Once you take the bikes, you are considered to have agreed to the conditions of the bike at the agreed price. We can’t be responsible for any complaints or dissatisfaction afterwards. As such, please factor in 15 minutes before you drive off to settle paper work and test the bikes.
  7. We (Onedaywheels) will not be liable for any injuries or accidents to you. You are fully responsible for the injuries and damages to you and the bike (or the road). We beg you to please be careful while riding! We really don’t want anything to happen to you.
  8. We are sorry, but if there is any noticeable damage to the bike, the S$150 deposit will have to be forfeited. If the damage is severe, not only will the deposit be forfeited but you’d also be responsible for its repairs. That means you’ll have to send it to the workshop, get it repaired and give it back to us in its original condition. This is because we have full-time jobs and don’t have the time to keep repairing our bikes (Of course, we’ll ignore an accidental nick or two. We’re nice!).If we make an exception and send it for repairs ourselves, please be aware the tab will be on you.
  9. We don’t provide recovery assistance. So if you puncture the tyres somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you’d be responsible for replacing them. In other words, return them in the same condition as you took them initially! Your deposit will not be forfeited if you’ve made the necessary repairs on your own.
  10. We provide transport services. Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap. A to-and-fro trip costs a total of S$100. If your location is at far-flung/hard to reach areas such as Tuas, Changi Coast Road/Changi Village, delivery will be S$150.
  11. If you have your own mode of transport, we recommend you use it instead! Use a bike rack, a van, lorry or truck – whatever you wish! The green bike’s front wheel is detachable, so it can fit into a car’s backseat.  Do let us know if you wish to use our transport services or whether you’d be using your own, before confirming with us. If you are using your own transport, please note that you are responsible for collecting and returning the bike within the borrowed hours. The address will be provided to you upon confirmation of rental. We are located near Serangoon Gardens.
  12. If you are savvy with a bike and you know how to, you can dismantle the basket or remove the flowers/bell/horn etc.  You can also add your own decorations to the bike. But we request that everything gets placed back in its proper position when the bike is returned to us please! So no stickers, painting, drawing on the bike – anything that is difficult (or impossible) to remove.
  13. If you rent just our props alone (without the bike), a deposit of S$100 will be required, which will be returned upon their safe return. :)
  14. Most importantly – we want you to go social media crazy! Take more photos, tag us in them, and share it with us! Spread the word! We hope you can drop us a note after that with your compliments or constructive feedback, and share the photos/videos you’ve taken with our bikes. We’ll be so proud.

Please note that by replying by email to the above agreement, it means you agree to rent with all our conditions of rental.

P.S: We can’t repeat this enough – All photos belong to Onedaywheels unless otherwise stated. Please do not use our photos without permission! Just let us know if you wish to re-post something of ours, and we’ll be happy to oblige. We’ll even provide you with high-res versions, as long as you give us our due credit. :)

Happy renting, folks!

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