1) Why are you called Onedaywheels?

The term “One Day” came from our favourite fiction book One Day by David Nicholls. Great book, so go read it. And “wheels” is, well, self-explanatory. So don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you can only rent the bikes for one day! Take two, three days – we don’t mind!

2) Why set this business up?

We’ve received quite a few requests to borrow our bikes for shoots, and we’ve also noticed the looks of admiration from passers-by when we bring them out for a ride. We know it’s difficult to find a pretty bike when you need one (the ones at beach kiosks or big chain supermarkets just don’t cut it!) so we thought it’ll be great to provide this service to those who need it, at a reasonable price too! Most importantly, we work full time and don’t have enough time to pay our bikes the attention they deserve. So what better way to do that then to let others enjoy them!

3) What is your dream for the business?

We want to help fulfil your wedding fantasy and make your big day a memorable and one-of-a-kind day. A wedding shouldn’t be normal. It should be fun, unique, and bespoke! You know the feeling when you get misty-eyed after scrolling through Pinterest, Etsy.com or sites that feature DIY/vintage weddings? That’s what we want YOU to feel. Our bikes are picture-perfect and can definitely provide a dreamy touch. We are a friendly bunch, so let us know any requests you may have and we’ll be happy to help!

Not just for weddings, we also want to help you make any event of yours special and beautiful. A bicycle adds magic and depth to a flat scene, trust me, we know.

4) What do I have to do to rent a bike?

Drop us an e-mail at information@onedaywheels.com and let us know your name, IC number, telephone number, which bike you wish to rent, as well as your dates of collection and return as well as estimated number of hours. We’ll provide you with the address and our telephone numbers for pick up. You’ll need to submit a S$150 deposit and allow us to take a snap of your IC for security reasons. Following which, return the bike after your estimated period (or call us if you need it for a little longer).

5) What is the bike suitable for?

Simply put, anything! Use it for wedding/graduation photo shoots or filming, for interior designing as a decor piece, for your wedding display or to cycle down the aisle on your big day – we don’t care! Go crazy and be creative. The bikes are great for any occasion and would love the attention.

6) Is it okay if I use my own props and accessories?

Yes of course! Please feel free to do so if you feel it makes your wedding more beautiful and individual. You are not obligated to use our accessories, though we do offer them (at a very affordable nominal fee when you rent our bikes). The only thing we ask for is that the bike gets returned in the same condition as when it is borrowed out. So please don’t draw on the bikes, dirty them, or use anything that will be tough to remove, such as stickers or pen ink that will run and stain the bike. Otherwise, flowers, banners, paper pompoms, other forms of wicker baskets are all good!

Also the turquoise bike’s front wheel is detachable – that means it can fit into your backseat (not the boot!). Please refrain from removing the back wheel as it’s hard to connect the bike chain back. Thank you!

7) What happens when we damage the bike?

A scratch is okay, but if the damage is more than usual, we reserve the right to forfeit your deposit. If damage is severe – e.g you crashed the bike, punctured its tire, broke a lamp, caused dents or excessive scratches/paint peeling – we may request for you to pay for damages. The bikes are all we have, so please treat them like how you’d treat your baby. We’ll really appreciate it!

8) Where did you get the bikes?

The white dutch bike was from an online store, while the turquoise one is of a reputable brand, purchased from Haji Lane.

9) What are the modes of payment?

Currently we only accept cash – S$150 refundable deposit plus the full rental sum during collection. Deposit will be transferred back on the same day.

10) Is there transport for the bike?

Yes, there is! Unfortunately, transport services don’t come cheap. A to-and-fro trip costs an extra S$100. (If your location is at far-flung/hard to reach areas such as in the west (Tuas) or Changi Coast Road/Changi Village, delivery to-and-fro will be S$150). Otherwise, if you have your own transport such as a van/lorry or bike rack, by all means, please use them!

11) What if I want to return the bike at 12am?

The bikes have to be borrowed and returned between 9am and 11pm. The next available return slot is 9am the following day. Following 11pm, we will charge a flat fee of S$80 until you return the bike to us at 9am.

12) Where do I collect the bike?

We are located at Lorong Chuan, near Serangoon Gardens. Address will be provided to you upon confirmation.

13) Do you do longer term rentals, for e.g one or two weeks?

Yes, we are open to longer term rentals. We know the prices stated are more suitable for short-term rentals, but drop us an email and let’s discuss!

Read What You Should Know for more information!

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