1. It’s really easy to calculate the rental fee. We charge by the hour. Both the cream dutch bike and turquoise blue bike cost S$20 an hour or part thereof.

2. Minimum rental of 3 hours (sorry, it’s only fair to our bikes!).

3. The bikes have to be borrowed and returned between 9am and 11pm. This means that if you want to use it beyond 11pm, the next available return slot is 9am the following day. If you are holding onto the bikes between 11pm to 9am (i.e. overnight), a flat fee of S$80 will be charged for that period.

4. If you want to rent for a full day (9am to 11pm), it’s more affordable as there’s a one day cap of S$220.

5. We allow a 20 min buffer time (for any jams, errands etc). So for example, if you rent from 4 to 8pm, you can return the bike at 8.20pm latest. Any later and you’ll be charged one more hour!

6. We only accept cash at the moment, sorry!

7. A fully refunded deposit of $150 is needed when you collect the bike. It will be returned to you when you return the bike (either by cash, or by fund transfer on the night of return itself). Please pay the full sum plus the deposit in cash when you collect the bike. We will only deduct from the deposit in the event of: 1) late return 2) damage to the bike.

8. If you want us to provide delivery and collection services, it would cost an additional S$100 (for a round trip). If your location is at far-flung/hard to reach areas such as in the west (Tuas) or Changi Coast Road/Changi Village, delivery to-and-fro will be S$150.

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