About Us


We are a young bunch of bicycle enthusiasts living in Singapore who love our hippy and stylish bikes, and now we are offering them to you.

We know how important it is to have a centerpiece to your main event, whether it is a birthday party, an anniversary dinner or the all-important BIG wedding day. It’s the perfect conversation starter, and the best accompanying design piece to set the stage for your celebration. It serves as a splendid prop for photo and video shoots – weddings, birthdays, graduations, celebrations and festivities, proposals – you name it, adding a fun, whimsical and retro feel to your photos or events.

We’ve heard complaints of difficulties finding such a bicycle to rent for your special day. We heard you: so we are here to provide that service for you!

Rent one, or both, or our beautiful bicycles and make your event a romantic and beautiful one today.

Mind you,  the bicycles are not just any old rides we picked off from a supermarket. They are beautiful pieces of art, and are guaranteed to make anyone gasp with wonder.

We are still young, so we welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have! Compliments are also welcome of course. :) Don’t hesitate to let us know what event you are thinking of having, or what ideas you may have for the bikes. We’ll try to accommodate.

Presenting our two beauties

1) Creamy dutch bike


This alabaster baby is a ladies-styled dutch bike that brings elegance and sophistication to anyone who rides it. Pedal with ease as you draw stares from passers-by with this feminine ride. Comes with honey-brown leather handle bars, brown leather seats, a retro toot horn, a bike rest, a back rack, as well as a front basket with flowers. Its wheels are not detachable. (length: 67 inches, width of handlebars: 22 inches, front basket length: 17inches, height from handlebars: 39 inches)

2) Turquoise-blue bike

tokyo bike in blue

This exquisite set of wheels is our pride and joy. Born from a famous brand situated in haji lane, it comes with a back rack, honey-brown leather seats and handles, white wheels, as well as a cute lollipop-swirly bell. The best part of it?  A brown Brooks leather saddle bag attached to its front handle bars, cementing its hipster quotient (which you can rent for a nominal fee). The ratten basket is also available for rent. This bike’s front wheel is detachable – that means it can fit into your backseat (not the boot!). (length from back wheel to frame after front wheel is removed: 53 inches, width of handlebars: 23 inches, height from handlebars: 39 inches)

For more information on how to rent, please see FAQs and How To Rent.

For more pictures, go here for our gallery.

For any media queries: We have a press kit with high-res images for you! Drop us an email to receive it :)

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